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Our Founder

Lisa R. McCombs

President & CEO, 1st Academy School of Insurance

Lisa Renee McCombs is a seasoned professional with over three decades of unparalleled expertise in the insurance industry. As the President and CEO of 1st Academy School of Insurance in Las Vegas, NV, Lisa has carved a niche for herself as a dynamic leader and educator. Her journey in the insurance world has been diverse, having worn multiple hats as a broker, instructor, and agent in both Property and Casualty and Life and Health insurance across the United States.

With a genuine passion for imparting knowledge, Lisa has dedicated her career to educating clients and aspiring insurance professionals.  Her commitment to
excellence is evident in the success stories of her students, who sing her praises upon graduating

from her classes and triumphantly passing the Nevada State Insurance test. Remarkably, the majority of her students achieve success on their very first attempt, a testament to Lisa's effective teaching methods and comprehensive understanding of the insurance landscape.

Lisa McCombs is not just an educator; she is a mentor with a warm and pleasing personality that resonates with her students. Her keen insight into the intricacies of the insurance industry is enriched by her exceptional real-life experiences. Described by her students as smart, caring, kind, knowledgeable, and funny, Lisa creates a positive and engaging learning environment. Her strong drive to succeed is infectious, motivating students to reach their full potential.

Beyond her technical expertise, Lisa McCombs is known for being an inspiring and motivational figure. Students view her as a five-star example to follow, and her classes are renowned for being fun, interesting, and challenging. Lisa's teaching techniques are truly one-of-a-kind, blending theory with practical insights to provide a holistic learning experience.

In the world of insurance education, Lisa Renee McCombs stands as a beacon of excellence, shaping the next generation of insurance professionals with her unmatched dedication, wisdom, and charismatic teaching style.

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